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Seva Volunteers for Rashtra Nirman

Seva Volunteers are dedicated to the cause of Rashtra Nirman or Nation Building. Service of the nation’s masses while upholding the founding principles and humane values of our great country is our ultimate goal.

Citizens from all over the country, committed to nation building and community service based on Gandhian principles of non-violence, unity, peace, harmony, and self discipline are coming together to ensure that India remains united and stay clear of hate and divisive ideas. Seva Dal volunteers commit their time, passion and energy to mobilise the community around them to promote peaceful coexistence and overall development.

Our Focus Areas

Volunteer for a cause that suits your interests and skills.


  • Clean neighbourhood
  • Say no to plastic and pollution
  • Tree plantation
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Campaign against harmful pesticides


  • Blood donation camps
  • Health camps
  • Women health
  • Rural health
  • Promote hygiene
  • Fight malnutrition


  • Teaching Children
  • Mentoring
  • STEM Programs


  • Legal aid for the poor
  • Technical help for Seva projects
  • Associates for social projects
  • Health, finance, IT and other services

Disaster Management

  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Response
  • Technical Mobilisation
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Mobilisation of Relief
  • Risk Assessments
  • Mitigation Measures

Nation Building

  • Workshops on Idea of India
  • Strengthen Value Based Leadership
  • Strengthen Patriotism
  • Cadre Building
  • Dhwaj Vandan : Respecting the National Flag
  • Honour freedom fighters & Armed forces
  • Honour Bravery
  • Recognise good samaritans
  • Training on social service
  • Spread awareness about social issues
  • Fight communalism and hate

Civic Society

  • Help the Elderly
  • Helping the disabled
  • Youth Mentorships
  • Orphaned Children

Women Empowerment

  • Vocational training
  • Self-help groups
  • Awareness about women’s rights
  • Women in leadership
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Latest Announcement

We try to bring you the very latest updates about our Rashtra Seva activities. Stay tuned for more.

Latest Announcement


We organize events to remember important milestones, occasions and causes that our Seva Volunteers organize across the country. Check out the upcoming and past Rashtra Nirman events.

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